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Dmytro Perepolkin

About me

I have a BSc in Economic Cybernetics from Kryvyi Rih Technical University, Ukraine. During my bachelor studies I built simulation models and worked on optimization problems focusing on numeric methods and computation. I took business major (Finance and Strategy) in my Masters studies at California State University, East Bay. My masters degree included a fair amount of forecasting and business modeling, which I later practiced for over a decade while working in the industry. I completed Decision and Risk Management Certificate program at Stanford University in 2017.

I am interested in developing new methods and applying pragmatic models for decision making under uncertainty in environmental domain, with the aim of bringing together data analysis and decision analysis. I also want to study how humans make complex, multi-objective decisions (as the case is with any environmental problem) and what can be done to make this process more transparent and efficient.

I started my PhD in September 2019 and I am currently enrolled in UnEvil (Uncertainty Evidence Lab) research group, BECC research environment and take part in COMPUTE research school. Previously I worked as Decision Analyst, building probabilistic models, which incorporated historical data and expert judgment as a source of input for uncertainties.

About the project

My PhD project aims to contribute to the field of environmental decision making under uncertainty. This interdisciplinary work will bring together environmental psychology, economics, ecological modeling, public management, risk analysis and statistics to inform public policy and provide clarity of action in human-environment conflicts.


decision analysis, epistemic uncertainty, risk assessment, Bayesian analysis, optimization.


Ullrika Sahlin (Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, Faculty of Science, Lund University)

Jörgen Ripa (Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Lund University)

Maria Johansson (Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Faculty of Engineering, LTH)

Johan Elmberg (Department of Environmental Science and Bioscience, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Kristianstad University)


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Dmytro Perepolkin. Photo.
E-mail: dmytro [dot] perepolkin [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se

Doctoral student

Centre for Environmental and Climate Research (CEC)

+46 46 222 08 89


Ekologihuset, Sölvegatan 37, Lund


Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, CEC

Sölvegatan 37
223 62 Lund, Sweden

Visiting address
The Ecology Building, Sölvegatan 37, Lund

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