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Research collaboration

CEC has extensive collaborations with scientists at other departments, in conjunction with CEC's activities within environmental science and related interdisciplinary perspectives.

CEC Fellows

Scientists who are affiliated with the CEC, or are involved in related activities, constitute a major body of expertise not only on an individual basis but also collectively. A society of CEC Fellows (sv: CEC Kollegium) creates a direct arena for efficient interaction among the participating scientists, with the CEC Steering Group and the CEC-related Boards. The expected outcome is that the CEC Fellows will provide valuable input that will serve to strengthen the overall strategic research on environment and climate and Lund University.

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Guest researchers at CEC

CEC, welcomes guest researchers to work in areas that fall within the scientific framework and research interests of the Centre. The guest research program aims at enriching the research already underway at or in collaboration with CEC, as well as development of new avenues.

CEC promotes disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research, education, integration, synthesis and environmental and climate modeling, experimental studies, analysis and application to support evidence-based development of policies for sustainable development. CEC focuses especially on the anthropogenic effects on climate, land-use, biodiversity and environmental chemical hazards, and on finding sustainable solutions to these. The efforts at CEC are aligned with the disciplinary research at multiple departments across Lund University. For the years 2012-14 CEC has a budget for guest researchers corresponding to one longer stay of 6 months, or several shorter stays amounting to 6 months in total. Precedence will be given to guest researchers who work or strive to work across disciplines.

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