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Call for courses 2017-2018

Call for new proposals for ClimBEco courses 2017 - 2018

call for courses 2017-2018


ClimBEco financed Courses

A core activity within ClimBEco is to offer relevant courses within and across the participating scientific disciplines. We are interested in both specialized activities, e.g. addressing specific methods or research questions, and activities that represent wider scientific perspectives on one or more thematic area and thus can be of interest for PhD students with different backgrounds. A summary of current and recent ClimBEco courses can be found on our website (

The courses must be free of charge for ClimBEco participants, be given in English, preferably hold a time-format corresponding to about 2 weeks of course-work, for instance one coherent week of work on site, combined with extra reading material, exercises etc., thus corresponding to 2-3 hp (ECTS). The courses are open to everyone, so course participants do not have to be accepted to the ClimBEco programme. However, if ClimBEco provides financial support to a course with a limited number of participants, ClimBEco PhD students must be given acceptance priority for at least 8 or (if the total number of students is below 16) half of the available places.

Course organizers may apply for a financial contribution of up to 60,000 SEK for course development and implementation (for a 1 week intensive course including prep work before, and assignments after). ClimBEco can support basic costs associated with the course according to the ‘template for course funding’ (available from; a completed template must be attached to the application). Reimbursement of costs will take place after the course by sending an invoice to ClimBEco. A report of total expenses (template will be supplied by ClimBEco), specified according to the original application should be attached to the invoice. Note that the formal host for the course will be the coordinator (or their department).

The call has a tentative budget to support up to 14 new courses for the indicated period.

Please send your course and/or workshop suggestions, including the below information, to johannes [dot] rousk [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se (  )at the latest Dec 22nd, 2016.

  • Course name
  • Short course description (max 1 page)
  • Cost estimate (without OH), use "Template for course funding"
  • Co-funding or other support
  • State if the course will be given for the very first time (newly developed course)
  • When the course can be given ( Spring semester 2017 – Fall semester 2018)
  • If you would be interested in a recurring course within ClimBEco

See the whole document " Call for new proposals for ClimBEco courses 2017-2018" (Link to PDF)



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Call for courses 2018-2019

Call for courses 2018 - 2019

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