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National symposium in Norrköping focuses on climate research

The sympsoium will focus on climate change in a Swedish context.

What is happening to the climate and what role does climate research play in society? The strategic research areas MERGE and BECC, the Bolin Centre for Climate Research and SMHI are together arranging a climate symposium in Norrköping on 16-18 May 2022, the Swedish Climate Symposium.

The conference means that Sweden's largest players in climate research gather for the first time for a major symposium.

"We hope to highlight the breadth and excellence of Sweden's climate research by gathering scientists in this way, but we also want to make new contacts and generate the new ideas that will further strengthen Swedish climate research in the coming years", says Paul Miller, coordinator for MERGE at Lund University.

"It comes natural to co-organize this symposium, since the inter-links between biodiversity on one side and climate change mitigation and adaptation on the other, must be considered if we are going to meet the sustainability goals", says Henrik Smith at Lund University, coordinator of BECC.

Research linked to IPCC reports

The Swedish Climate Symposium is a scientific conference on climate that is based on the conclusions of the UN's climate panel IPCC's sixth assessment report (AR6) and the consequences for Sweden. The research on which the IPCC reports are based will be presented. Climate researchers will demonstrate Sweden's world-leading expertise in climate science areas, which includes not only the scientific basis but also the effects, adaptation and mitigation of climate change. 

Experiences and challenges

The symposium, which lasts for three days, will offer researchers in Sweden a unique opportunity to share their contributions to climate research together and reflect on these. In addition, and perhaps more importantly, researchers will together look to the future and identify knowledge gaps and opportunities for enhanced collaboration to further deepen understanding of climate change and its effects and the scientifically grounded sustainable development needed to limit it.

Third day of exchange between science and the general public

The third day will have as its motto "Connecting science and people" with sessions where the media, politicians and social actors will meet and interact with researchers, with emphasis on the climate in a Swedish context. Activities include a free web course Knowledge about the Climate.

The symposium has generated great interest. So far, we have about 300 persons from more than 50 different organizations, ranging from universities and the media, to the private sector and politicians, who will participate. 

More about the conference: