Fate and Effect of Toxins

My research interests are fate and effects of environmental pollutants, with emphasis on aquatic environments. In the fate area I am interested how ecosystem changes and disturbances may alter the behaviour, distribution and uptake of organic pollutants in aquatic systems.

In particular, we have investigated the interactions between eutrophication, caused by excessive nutrient loads, and the behavior of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in rivers, lakes and coastal areas. In the effects area I am interested in pollutant effects, direct and indirect, on population, community and ecosystem levels.

We are currently investigating effects of agrochemicals on microbial community structure and function in wetlands, especially with regard to nitrogen transformation processes. Also, we are currently studying effects of pharmaceuticals on invertebrate population and community levels in aquatic ecosystems.


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Olof Beglund
Olof Berglund

Spåransvarig kemiska miljörisker och ekotoxikologi

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