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Autumn 2017

ClimBEco Annual Meeting 2017

24-25 August 2017
Venue: Falsterby Kursgård, Höllviken

ClimBEco Phd course - Greenhouse gases GHG - biogeochemistry and measurement techniques in ecosystems and landscapes

4-8 September 2017
University of Gothenburg
More information about the course
Last day to apply: 1st of August 2017

Global Environmental Governance Today - Actors, Institution, Complexity

16-20 October 2017, Lund University
More information about the course
Last day to apply: 

Biodiversity and ecosystem services in agriculture, forestry and urban environments

Autumn 2017, Lund University

Chemistry and Climate Change

Autumn 2017 - Autumn 2018, University of Gothenburg
(Weekly moderated discussions)


Spring 2018

Bayesian analysis and Decision theory

Early spring 2018

Global Elemental Cycles

Spring 2018

ClimBEco Phd course -Global Elemental Cycles

Spring 2018

Risk uncertainty and Decision making

Autumn 2018


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