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Final conference: The value of ecosystem services

The research project Valuation of ecosystem services in agriculture - a path towards effective decision making (VESA) led by Katarina Hedlund will present their results at the Environmental Protection Agency's final conference March 21 in Stockholm.

One of the results of VESA is C-bank, which is a web-based tool that can be used by farmers and advisers to value ecosystem services as part of the natural capital and through this reduce the need for fertilizers and plant protection substances on the long term to optimize yields. C-bank available today as a trial version.

VESA is one of the seven projects included in the Environmental Protection Agency's research initiative "The value of ecosystem services," which is about how the value of ecosystem services can be better taken into account in different decision situations in community and societal planning.

Other sub-projects of the initiative "The value of ecosystem services" that presents during the day are:

- Valuation of cultural ecosystem services based on contributions to quality of life, Lund University
- National environmental monitoring and evaluation of ecosystem services in the mountains and forests, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
- Valuation of aquatic habitats, ecosystem services, AquaBiota Water Research
- The integration of ecosystem services in the Swedish EIA process, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
- Co-administration of interacting ecosystem services in the catchment area of ​​the River Helgeån, Stockholm University
- Implementation of the ecosystem services concept at the municipal level, Kristianstad University

The final conference is open to anyone interested in ecosystem services.

Read more about the conference here.

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