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Arguments for more ecosystem services

Anna Persson, researcher at the CEC is one of the authors of a new publication from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency "Arguments for more ecosystem services".

From the report; Ecosystem services are the foundation of human welfare, yet the services are often invisible in many of society’s decision-making processes. This report contains statistics, studies and research that shows how ecosystem services contribute to human welfare and well-being. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's ambition is that the reports content will inspire more people to see and value ecosystem services when plans, strategies, investments and decisions are decided. The ambition is that everybody should be able to assimilate the contents of the report, even people who are not working with environmental issues.

The arguments are presented in four different themes: Water in the city and countryside, beneficial organisms, human health, and climate impact and adaptation. The arguments are illustrated, to the extent possible, with real examples. In addition, there are descriptions of the ecosystem's various functions.

The report has been produced within a government commission for a communication effort for ecosystem services. The effort will help to reach a milestone in the environmental quality objectives, meaning that the importance of biodiversity and the value of ecosystem services should be included in key decisions in the community by 2018.

Several of the studies that the report is based on research made by researchers linked to the CEC and the Department of Biology at Lund University. Juliana Dänhardt, CEC, is one of the quality reviewers of the report. The report was written during Anna's employment at the Ecology Group and was commissioned by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Download the report here.

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